Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh Yeah!

This is what I'm talking about Willis!
I added some felt around the cover area and that did the trick!
No more light leaks.
Sort of:

I need to set the camera down or against something; I can't shoot it hand held.
Actuating the shutter causes the shakes:

Feeble attempt at a two second exposure.
Speaking of the shutter, I kept it simple:

Wow! look at them tiger stripes!
Oh boy I love maple!
I always wanted me a tiger stripe sunburst Les Paul, and this might be as close as I get!

That's an inadvertent double exposure in there.
Apparently I don't know how to count.
Okay, I'm all ready to take this thing into prime time!
Along with some reciprocity tests I did this week to get used to the film, in this case Ilford Delta 400, I should be ready to go!
Stay tuned.

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