Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Final

Sort of.
I mean it's sort of okay.
I made a lot of compromises in the construction of my camera, which I suppose is to be expected on the prototype.
For one thing it's single format, although I think I know how to work the other formats in using the materials I have on hand.
I also solved the film transport problem, quite elegantly I think:

Two dowels on top, two on the bottom:

A temporary spacer there to keep the film aligned with the lens/pinhole.
On top, I just notched a larger dowel to a spear point to fit inside the top of the film spool:

That's what's holding the film in place.
The dowels on top are quite tight but I need to figure out a way to keep them in place; you can still lift them up to take out the spools.
I also began to fit everything in place.
The front and back panels were tested to find the best fit.
One of the things I forgot about woodworking is finding the bow of the wood so some places the wood is sitting convex which is not a good thing.
I also started doweling up the joints, here's a front shot:

The two dowels on each side are holding the face plate on; I still need to attach the pinhole when it gets here to I haven't done the dowels on top.
Another thing I have to do is plug up the dados I cut into the top and bottom:

I cut the dados all the way to the edge because I originally wanted to change the baffles/focal length thingys out.
Next time if I do a fixed focal length, I cut the dados only on the insides.
I may have to get some matching putty, or I may just add some trim to cover them holes up.
The back:

The dowels here are 'false' meaning they are just decorative:

I think I'm going to hinge the back plate so it swings open L-R; top to bottom won't work as I would need to bevel one edge and that would create a light leak problem.
The top:

If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see the missing dowels for the front plate and the false dowels on the back.
The two on each side are actually holding the top on.
Looking at it now, I think I need some big honking knobs on there so tomorrow I'll hit up the hobby place and see what they got.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the camera I ordered out of customs and the pinholes will come in.
I need to figure out how to change out the pinholes because I want to use different sizes for day and night.
That's why the front plate is still not attached.
Okay, if all goes well, I should be taking some pictures by the middle of the week!
If forgot to add the shutter!
What a banana head!
Okay, lemme figure that out.


Chandra said...

Mother of All Spokes!
You are creating a real camera.
How neat!

I can't wait to see the pictures that your new machine takes.

Peace :)

limom said...

your wish is my command