Saturday, July 19, 2014

Surf's Up!

Or at least it was up.
Last week.
Around Thursday.
I was going to ride my bicycle but I needed the Big Momma so I drove down to the beach to catch the latest summer swell.
Not too shabby:

Some dude decided to park his bicycle right in front of me:

When it gets bigger like this the lineup out there actually gets less crowded.
Only the experienced need apply.
If you know what I mean.

Folks were getting barrels left and right!
I mean the bowls over at Kewalos and Ala Moana were both firing off!
It was fun to watch!

I don't know where these dudes came from:

That has Coast Guard Search and Rescue written all over it!
Thankfully they were coming in, not going out.
It was sort of intimidating, even from where I was standing as the swell was coming in from a weird angle and the waves were just crazy:

Better to watch and enjoy from someplace safe:

Using the long lens opens up a lot of possibilities.
You can use different angles and set up your shots differently and I sort of dig it.
Except that the lens is like carrying around two bricks and I like to travel as light as possible since I carry around a lot o'crap.
Especially now since I got pinhole fever.
More on that later.

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