Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

I think the neighbors are on to me.
What with all the racket I've been making.
You know, pounding on chisels at like ten at night.
Okay, softly pounding.
Don't want to be rude.
Well I've run into some technical difficulties.
Which is okay since this is a prototype of what will be called the Flat Tire Image Making Thingy (FTIMT):

If you squint yer eyeballs and can read the diagram you can see my intention was to make a multi format design.
The camera was going to be 6x6, 6x9, and 6x12.
Unfortunately due to wood constraints and this thing called KISS, I decided to try only one format, though that may change to two.
Size permitting.
I had to chisel out dados in the frame with a well, chisel to install the baffles/focal length thingys:

This is where it sucks not having a table saw as I could have ripped those dados out in like two seconds and just chiseled out the ends.
I tried to Dremelize them, but it wasn't working out to my liking so I went old school.
The baffles/focal length thingys are used to set the image size, in this case 6x6 and to set the well, focal length:

I was also going to cut in a film guide, but that's not working out so good; I also may change the material from wood to some kind of plastic or whatever I got sitting around.
The focal length determines the image size i.e., 35mm gives you a 68mm projection and 45 an 87mm one.
You cans sort of see it in the top diagram.
If you're still with me that is.
Well one of the problems I have is that I can't change out the baffles/focal length thingys without taking off the front cover.
There are other solutions to this, but I'm not equipped right now to execute and I'm a bit lazy since this is the first one.
Hopefully camera that is.
I'm also running out of room:

Seeing as how I need someplace to put the film.
I changed the original design from three formats to two, and now I may not have the room to do that since the film thingy is getting to be a tight squeeze.
Today I'll be working on the film advance stuff, then I'll reassess the adding the other format.
I still have to wait for the pinholes to come in, so I got some time to finish and think this through.
Maybe I'll even have some time to get out and take some pictures.

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