Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

So last week I did some experiments with the ole pinhole camera.
Mainly long exposure night shots.
Sort of.
Rolling out:

I put the pinhole camera in the trunk and carry the rest of my stuff in my bag and strap my tripod to the handlebars.
That's a lot o'crap!
Anyways, this whole thing about reciprocity comes in for this  pinhole business seeing as how the exposure times can be as much as something like 84X normal.
So a 1/15 second shot becomes 3.5 minutes:

Longer even depending on what kind of film I'm using.
Which is normally the wrong kind.
So the problem becomes how much to add to the exposure besides the normal time; should I go 3x or 4x or what?
Then there's all the down time, the waiting for the exposure.
I learned a lesson: bring snacks.
I tried a bunch of different times, 2x which was wishful thinking and 3x.
Second shot:

By this time I'm just taking random shots with my other cameras to kill time:

More of the random stuff later.
Let's see what I got:

Not too good.
I was under exposed in all these shots:

Then I stopped off here:

Only to get this:

You can just barely make out the Flat Tire Earth Machine.
Okay, I need to adjust the exposure times.
Like increase them.
A lot.
I'm also going to try a different film, a faster one with hopefully less reciprocity failure.
Stay tuned.

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