Sunday, January 24, 2010

Endless Summers, Side of the Trail Peculiarity

So I was heading out towards Lanikai, when who should I see but the Evil one checking out the surf. He had ridden his bike(!!) to the park and was thinking about paddling out.
Well, I went around Lanikai and he went home to get his board and we met at the boat ramp where I got some images of him doing his thing.
I told him to give me the Endless Summer pose:

I also caught him paddling out:

And here's a shot of him(I think) on the ankle snappers that were breaking off of Flat Island:

Looked like he was having a good time so off I went.
The vog has been pretty thick recently. Vog, if you don't remember is kind of like smog, except our stuff comes when southerly winds blow stuff from the volcano over the island chain. Yesterday, I estimated visibility to be about two miles. It was pretty bad.
It started to clear up today in the afternoon:

When the winds blow from the south it tends to get a bit muggy; the Kona winds don't provide the comfort the tradewinds bring. The trades bring in cooler air from the north. It was in the low seventies until the Kona winds showed up.
So anyways, remember the strange design in gravel I showed you?
The one I posted about here.
Well, it's back. This time, I found someone doing something at the site:

If you look good, you can see a woman there with her bike. She was walking around in the tracks with her hands clasped together. I passed her sort of quickly and I didn't want to make big eye so I don't know if she was actually making the design.
Anyways, here's the old image on top and the new one on the bottom:

This was not there yesterday. At least I don't remember it being there yesterday.
I'm not sure if there's something more going on there.
I'm not sure I want to know.
Anyways, with Evil Hoku out surfing and with me wiping the perspiration that was profusely pouring down my face(okay, not really), it did seem like a summer day in the middle of January.
To steal a line from the movie: Hawaii is truly the land of the endless summer.


dogimo said...

Man, I'm looking for the evil hoku label so I can read more about this mysterious demon. I'll try the search, although for some reason, Blogger (owned by Google) has a search function that's not worth shi*! Words I know I used. No hitsky.

Don't worry about the pebble sculpture labyrinth. I interpret symbols all the time, and that there's good juju.

limom said...

I'm thinking the rock thing is some kind of holistic doohickey.
Still, it sort of gives me the boogees whenever I pass by.
Oh, and Evil Hoku? He's sorta kinda an honorary staffer here since he is sometimes unwittingly a source of blog fodder.