Saturday, January 23, 2010

Street Warfare: Black Ops

Okay, I'm not really at war.
With anyone.
I do ride on the street though and at times it seems I have to fight my way around all the road construction.
So anyways, I've got some miles on the Origin 8 Black Ops rigid carbon fork:

If you missed the original post, you can find it here.
My original impressions haven't changed.
Small bumps in the road seem smoother, large stuff is transmitted directly to the grips. I would say if you ride access roads or smooth singletrack you'd be okay.
The area where going rigid excels is in power transfer. It's difficult for me to fathom how much the suspension fork was absorbing. Even a POS fork like the Dart 3.
One strange thing though. Under hard braking, I don't think I've seen the fork flex. This makes me think it's not soaking up any road bumps either. I suppose this is good for I don't know how I'd feel seeing a carbon fork acting all flexy like; on the other hand, a little flex can't hurt, right?
No, I didn't get any faster.
At least I don't think I did.
The difference is in the fatigue factor. I can do the little rollers with less burn and faster recovery. Riding on a gravel road while at times is bone rattling, is also less tiring.
Unless you are riding a high end fork like a Fox or Reba, you probably won't be bothered by the difference.
Although the rough stuff is, well, rougher, I'll take the trade off.
Anyways, it seems I got my rigid fork just in time.
The roads here seem to be under a constant state of repair:

Finally, they have begun to pave over the bad sections. Back when I sold my Allez, even the dude who bought it commmented on how bad the roads were.
Well, my tax dollars are at work:

They've even begun to smooth over Lanikai:

Soon, I will be in road bike heaven.
Even though I don't ride a road bike.
Anyways, there is still a whole bunch of construction going on.
The battle continues.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Under high braking, I bet you would see some flex in the fork if you used a high speed camera. Sounds like the rigid is working out for you. I noticed the same thing about the power that a suspension fork eats up when I started riding rigid forks more. Still use one for trails, but just ride around the potholes on the streets.

limom said...

Really digging the fork!
So much so that I'm thinking about a road bike again.
Kinda sorta.