Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to Go Back to Whatever the Hell It Is I Do

Happy time is over.
No more lazy days of just sitting around, watching Chuck, stuffing my face with all sorts of bad things.
Time for me to go back to whatever the hell it is I do.
Don't take that in a bad way.
I like what I do.
Whatever you call it.
Of course there is an official description of what I do, but that doesn't quite cover it.
I would explain what I do, but it would take forever.
Yes, I do that much.
A forever's worth. Of something.
It was time to go back anyways.
Sitting around, talking to my dog is great and all that, but he's getting old and sometimes I have hard time making out just what he's trying to say.
His vocabulary is not ginormous like mine don't you know.
I think he went to public school.
Speaking of Chuck, I am really excited about the new season.
Thanks to Hulu and TheWB, I have spent the last two days on my own personal Chuck marathon. Sort of like a USA Law & Order marathon, except with limited commercial interruption.
Chuck is one of those comedies that is witty and smart so of course it won't last. When NBC(Nothing But Commercials) cancels it, I hope someone like USA picks it up.
So anyways, I've got to get up early and go play role model.
Interesting concept: playing a role model.
I'm sort of like Sir Charles: I am not a role model.
I only play one at work. I mean I don't even have a high school diploma.
Which is okay I guess.
I don't know what the hell it is I do anyways.


dogimo said...

Almost all of the first half of these are like, standalone gold. Plus some of the second half, too.

limom said...

Check's in the mail.
Wait, is this some kind of trick?
It must be for it took me about a half hour to write these three sentences.