Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Final

I had a lot on my mind today as I hit the road.
Mostly I had to decide on whether or not I was going to do what I did tonight.
You know what I mean?
Anyways, I decided right away that I was just going to ride around and take it easy since I absolutely punished myself into some perverted form of submission yesterday.
Not that I was hurting or anything. I just felt like my bike needed the rest.
I got started kinda late, so I was surprised to still see a line in front of Boots and Kimo's at eleven o'clock:

Boot's and Kimo's is a breakfast and lunch place that moved into the new building recently and are famous for their macadamia nut pancakes. All this time I've lived in Kailua and I've never been there to eat. Judging by the line, I probably never will.
I altered my route today and sort of did the back end first, just to make things different. My mind wasn't really on the ride; I was too busy playing head games with myself.
I did make it out to the Marine Base though. I wanted to take some shots of the fish ponds there:

All I got was that image. The fish ponds are quite expansive on that side of the base. The Marines do a good job of keeping up the area and it helps that most of it is off limits to civilians. I think I'll have to ride up on the highway to get a better shot of the area. I hope the M.P.s don't chase me off.
So I rode all the way down to the Mokapu Gate where there is a small bridge that goes over the entrance to one of the fishponds. I think I saw a couple of mullets swimming around but what caught my attention was this:

What the hell is that?
Why it's a little stingray:

I thought that it was pretty cool. It's not like I haven't seen a stingray before; I have seen them, in fact I have seem them up close and personal.
Big stingrays. Like five foot wing span stingrays that I had to cut off of the end of a fishing line.
This small one though was just sort of cruising along in the current, probably waiting for something tasty to drift by. It actually came much closer to the surface; close enough for me to see the white spots on it's, uh topside.
That sort of took my mind off of the on going debate inside of my head.
I don't usually fret over things like the thing I was fretting over, but I was fretting over this.
If you know what I mean.
Then it happened:

I haven't had a flat tire in a while, so it was inevitable. Sort of like what I had to do. That thing I was thinking about I mean.
Usually I'm pretty bummed when I flat, but today, I almost welcomed it.
Not that I was tired or anything; I just sort of felt like stopping right then.
Actually having that flat helped me make up my mind about what I was going to do.
Okay, not really.
It would've great though seeing as how the name of this blog is The Flat Tire and all.
Anyways, I fixed my tire and went on home.
And thought.
Then I thought some more.
Then I made a decision.
Then I changed my mind.
Then I said this is really stupid.
So finally, I just did it.
I'm glad I did.

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