Thursday, January 28, 2010

le Connaisseur de la Musique

Ah Leah! is the Greatest Love Song Ever Written(GLSEW).
There, le Connaisseur de la Musique said it, so it must be true!

Yes, amants de la musique, Donnie Iris of Wild Cherry and Play That Funky Music fame wrote the Greatest Love Song Ever Written(GLSEW).
Listening to that excellent composition brings tears to les yeux of le Connaisseur de la Musique, and nothing makes me cry.
Except Ah Leah!
What happened to Donnie Iris after Ah Leah!?
Je ne sais pas.
Mais, his legacy was already written.
What can be more moving than two lovers who cannot be with each other yet cannot resist le tentation?
Surely a song that everyone can relate?
Quand M.Iris tells us of

"your lips and I wonder who's been kissing them,
I never knew how badly I was missing them,"

We can imagine two lovers, no longer together, yet still very much in love.
Both still full of the yearn to be together.
He does not stop there.

"we both know we're never going to make it,
but when we touch we never have to fake it."

Does this mean le finis?
What is to become of the two who are so star-crossed?

"we ain't learned our lesson yet!"

Love c'est vrai!
C'est irresistible!
Mais there is more:

"Baby it's not good we're just asking for trouble,
I can touch you but I don't know how to love you,
it ain't no use, we're heading for disaster,
Our minds say no, but our hearts are talking faster!"

Poor M. Iris! His love is very fervent!
Parfois the love is very destructif, non?
Not since the story of Romeo and Juliet has a more bittersweet love story been told.
le Connaisseur ecouter to this song over and over and over.
Et over.
I am rappel of the follies of my youth.
Oui, Ah Leah! is the Greatest Love Song Ever Written(GLSEW).

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Why Chumbawamba's Tubthumping is the Greatest Rock Song Ever Written(GRSEW).

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John Romeo Alpha said...

At the Institute of Popular Musicology of the Onespeedgo Online University, it has been scientifically determined that the GRSEW is Tool's 46 and 2.

limom said...

le Connaisseur de la Musique said:
Ne pas concorder?
We shall see!

dogimo said...

The harmonies of that chorus slip shapelessly through your consciousness like ethereal oil. There is no pinning down or figuring out the way that sighing cry has been put together. He done pretty damn smooth on this one.

"word to le Connaisseur"

limom said...

le Connaisseur de la Musique said:
M.Dogimo, c'est une beau description.