Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You Are What You Read (Bloggerland Version)

It's time for The Flat Tire Staff to give a shout out to other blogs out there that educate and entertain.
Now when I first started this whole blogging thing, I did a lot of reading to sort of see what was out there. I mean what is this all about? What are people writing about? What makes this so fascinating to so many?
My blogs that I followed grew to almost forty.
Wow, forty blogs!
That's what I though too. The thing is, not everyone blogs daily, hell, some don't even blog monthly, so following forty blogs is fairly easy.
Well, I've trimmed that list to around twenty five or so. Sorry to the blogs I've dropped; nothing personal.
If you know what I mean.
Most of the blogs I follow are cycling and art related.
One cycling blog I enjoy is One Speed: Go! Interesting commentary on daily stuff and I like the title. Sort of mirrors my motto: I have only two speeds: stop and go.
This dude has some trippy stuff. Drawing While Driving apparently is exactly what it is. I enjoy the minimalist style and social aspect of the works. Check out the links to his other pages too.
One of my favorites is Consider Your Ass Kicked! Mr. Dogimo is a frequent contributor to the comments section of The Flat Tire. There is a word for his style of blog, I just don't know what it is. I really dig the green CRT look. Reminds me of those old Wang word processors.
Ohe Hundred Words, FunnyWeirdCool, and That is Priceless are photo blogs with amusing and entertaining commentary. That is Priceless doesn't really need this shout out since it was recently on Blogs of Note and now there are like 3.5 GAGILLION followers.
The Rawk Show is a place I go when I have extra money to spend. The Thundergod has reminded me of many Rock Classics I have forgotten. Remember them? memory lane trips. I like it.
Sea Urchins and Jellyfish is a famous photography major's blog. He don't post there much cause he out surfing.
Or doing something.
Parlance does an excellent job with Words all Around. If you like words and want to know more about them, this is the place.
I almost forgot the Museum of Unintended Use. Interesting view of stuff not being used like it was supposed to used. Or something like that.
I hardly ever use the Next Blog button. Most of my surfing is done with this link. It's sort of like finding needles in a needle stack but I think it's pretty cool to find a new, unknown blog with interesting content.
There's a whole bunch more on my list but I am too lazy to link them. Besides, you can just click on my thingy and see what I'm following anyways.
Don't forget the links thing on the sidebar. Yehuda Moon is a daily fix and The Two Johns is a must.
Yes, you are what you read, so I follow Chicks and Bikes for the articles.
And all the other bicycle blog links, don't you know.
On second thought, I sort of wish they had a calendar.

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