Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Runnin' on Empty

Which was how I was feeling as I was making my way home tonight.
First of all, let me tell you how my day was:

That just about says it all.
To top it off, my services were requested and I went to work on this:

I was too freakin tired to take a picture of the finished plywood floor. That's right, plywood, like three inch thick plywood cause it has to hold like 3.5 GAGILLION pounds per square foot. We got done at about ten.
Anyways, my day sort of went from bad to badder. Sort of like getting a flat tire and being forced to drive on the rim.
Then came Jackson Browne.
Jackson Browne, the Hold On Hold Out man.
In sixty-five I was seventeen and runnin up one oh one.
I was feeling pretty dissappointed about things in general. The day had not gone like I had hoped. I was feeling somewhat well, empty as I made my way home.
In sixty-nine I was twenty-one and called the road my own.
Hearing David Lindley's guitar melted the negativity away.
Runnin on Empty was an anthem of sorts when I was younger. It sort of turned into an anthem tonight as I was driving home.
As I pulled up into the garage, I knew tomorrow was going to be a better day.
I'd love to stick around, but I'm runnin behind.

Thank you Jackson Browne.

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