Friday, January 1, 2010

Reset, Getting a Grip, Schwag

Time to reset those odometers back to zero:

If you are following along at home, you know that's not the real odometer. That's the odometer on the Beach Bike. In case you were wondering, there was only 119 miles on it. Seems low given all the times I took it out, then again, the run to the store is only about three miles.
Here's the evil computer and only odometer that counts:

As you can see, I went out today and logged a ginormous twenty four miles.
I wasn't going out at all, but I remembered the part about getting things done and not sitting on the couch to watch Law & Order so off I went.
I only wanted to ride so I could try out my new gloves:

I'll tell you, I gotta stop walking into the bike shop with cash in my pocket. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but I can't freakin help but walk out of there with something new. They must put something in the air conditioner for it's like I am compelled to purchase something. The bike shop is real close to making the List of Evil Things(LET).
Anyways, the Giro Monaco gloves are okay. I mean they're gloves, what can I say? They have a little less padding in the palm then the Specialized Gel gloves I usually use, and the palm area is crafted from real leather which makes it a little more tacky on the grips. We'll see how long they last.
I also bit the bullet and got a new cell phone:

If you read about the old one here, you know why. It was getting so bad that everytime someone called I would end up yelling into it so they could hear me.
Basic phone, no camera. Don't need anymore pictures of the inside of my pocket.
I also got a new helmet and some new grips from Evil Hoku:

These are the new style BG grips; I have the old ones on the Beach Bike. The new ones are made from a softer compound and have a different texture on the surface:

As you can see, the locks are also inboard on the new grips as compared to outboard on the older models. I'm going to try em out this weekend.
These ergo grips are the best thing since sliced bread. The only thing about them is you must be careful when adjusting them. The slightest change in angle makes a world of difference. Once you get them dialed in though, they sort of dissappear and you forget they are there.
I'm thinking about changing the grips on my other bike too. It is currently equipped with Ergon GC2 grips which I like, but I'm comtemplating a handle bar change so I might change out the grips at the same time.
Oh, and the handle bars ain't the only thing I'm changing.
Oh? you say. What else am I changing?
I'm not telling.
Gotta save the good stuff for later don't you know.

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