Friday, January 29, 2010

Trying to Lighten the Load

Kinda sorta.
Not my load personally, but the load I carry.
On the bike.
When I ride.
See, I'm sort of like a Boy Scout in the sense that I have this thing about being prepared.
For everything.
That's just a personal quirk for I've never been a Boy Scout, though I was a Cub Scout once. Guess something rubbed off on me.
Anyways, while out on my ride today, as my legs were burning from the massive effort I was putting forth:

I started to think about all the extra stuff I carry around with me while on the bike.
Now, I'm no weight weenie or anything. I mean I don't load up and carry around a backpack filled with rocks, but neither do I fret about grams or ounces.
I am fat enough as it is.
Anyways, I have a seat bag:

In it, I carry the usual stuff:

extra tube
flat kit
tire thingy
zips ties
I also carry a waist pack. In it, I carry the usual stuff:

extra tube
flat kit
tire thingy
mini pump
bandages and tape
Cliff Shots
pen and small note pad
rubber band
loose change
eye glass wipes
old I.D.
mini screwdriver
8x monocular
extra batteries
dental floss
tire gauge
camera (not pictured)
cell phone (not pictured)
I also used to carry a flashlight, but since I ride mostly during the day, I took that out.
So, I was going through all this stuff, trying to decide what I really needed and what I actually need.
I mean, I need all that stuff, or I wouldn't be carrying it around, right?
No one in their right mind would carry around all this stuff just for the hell of it, right?
That's what I thought.
Well it turns out I decided I didn't actually need some the stuff:

I took out the band-aids since I already have gauze pads and tape.
That's sort of redundant, don't you know.
My waist pack feels a bit lighter.
I'm sure it'll make me faster.
My legs are already thanking me.

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