Friday, January 8, 2010


So everything's pretty good with me, how's things with you?
It's been a goofy week.
So I take that back.
I applied for a job I wasn't really qualified for.
So I got turned down.
I was going to modify the bike in a quest for more speed.
I found I forgot to order an important part.
So I'm sitting here just looking at it.
I sold a couple of coffee mugs.
The person really liked them.
So I'm thinking about making more.
I don't have enough clay.
So I have to go and get some.
I gained some weight over the holiday.
So I'm not going to eat that chili in the fridge.
My dog ate all his Milkbones.
So I went to the store to buy some more.
I'm feeling a bit down.
So I think I'll check out evil eBay.
I haven't been on my bike all week.
So I'm looking forward to riding tomorrow.
I'm running out of things to say.
So I'm starting to make things up.
Is that so?
How was my week again?

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