Monday, January 11, 2010

Taking Up Space

I got some stuff just taking up space.
Not a whole lot of space, but space none the less. So I'm gonna post the stuff up here so I can delete it from my computer and put it on Picasa so it can take up someone else's space.
I guess we'll go chronologically:

Sunrise at work. I got to work just as the sun was rising one day. Don't get me wrong, it was a fluke day for I am hardly ever that early. It was one of those vog days like we're having this week.
For you mainland folk, vog is the Hawaiian version of smog. When the winds turn variable or from the south(also known as Kona winds), smoke from the volcano on the Big Island blankets the islands.
The haze doesn't show up well on film:

You can kinda see the haze there. The haze also causes the sun to rise and set with wonderful reddish hues like in the sunrise above.
One day while out riding I came across this:

It was sitting in the middle of the road. I had to pull off to the side and wait for a lull in traffic to retrieve it. Did it fall off of someones bike? If so, why didn't they stop for it?
Speaking of bikes, yesterday, some people were holding some kind of bike clinic for kids at the park near my house:

I thinks this is pretty cool. I remember they used to have one at a different park near here. If I remember correctly, it is partly sponsored by the police department and a local bike shop. They teach some basic bike skills to the kids along with traffic rules and stuff. They should do more of this.
Moving along to the local 7-11, one day I came across this:

What one earring was doing on this trash receptacle is beyond my imagination, but it goes without saying that there is a story in every picture.
I'd like to know the story behind this:

The design is about fifteen feet in diameter and resides on the gravel road portion of the levee in Kailua. The design is now sort of worn away, but it was there for quite a long time. Maybe menehune(mythical Hawaiian small people) did it.
Here's something else that caused me pause:

Yes, it's a duck. It took me about a minute to figure out it was a fake duck. I'd never seen a fake duck like this. I want one.
Here's something I got in the mail for free:

French chain lube, Chain-l No.5. Okay, it's not really French, but that's some clever packaging. Don't know how it works, I've never gotten around to opening it up. Boeshield FTW(for the win).
I suppose I should end with a picture of a sunset, but I don't have one so this will just have to do:

I know it looks like a sunset, but it's actually a sunrise. I was going to use it as a title pic, but it doesn't work so well so there you go.
Okay, The Flat Tire Archives is now a little thinner. Those were just some pictures that I could never figure out how to fit into a post. Or I just forgot about them.
What I need is an external hard drive.
Then all these pictures can take up space someplace else.


dogimo said...


You could also write a story where the challenge is, to tie all that shit together! "Then I saw a trashcan with an earring. Surely this was the clue I was looking for to solve the mystery of the zen pebble labyrinth!

FraSiec said...

Strange. You should read my blogs on rock circles and crop circles. I've noticed strange things in remote desert areas too. strange but true filter

FraSiec said...

Looks a lot like the trail 8 rock circles. Freaky.

limom said...

You know, I should write it. That would be some crazy story.
But I'm not much of a writer.
Those circles are cool. Reminds me of something Andy Goldsworthy or Robert Smithson would do.
Of course the good ones are the ones you can't see from the ground.

dogimo said...

If you're not much of a writer, I must not be that much of a reader!

limom said...

You flatter but it's true.
Inspiration dangles in front of me, yet I fail to reach out and grasp.
Just can't seem to put two paragraphs worth a shit together.
I lack direction, yeah, that's the ticket.
I'm working on it though.

limom said...

I think my next novel will be about an overweight bicycle riding detective who finds a dead guy with only one earring cabled to a fake duck laying a crop circle who was knocked off by drinking a fatal dose of chain lube.
I'll call it "The Dead Guy with only One Earring Who Was Cabled to a Duck Who Was Offed by Drinking Chain Lube in a Crop Circle Who Was Found by an Overweight Detective."
See what I did there?

FraSiec said...

Yeah, the best ones are the ones you can't see from the ground, but maybe the little people can't see these from the ground?

Did you see the little doll house in the desert? Maybe it's a real house? :)