Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Final

I finally found it!
After years of tedious research, it has happened.
The perfect shrimp flavored snack!

I say shrimp flavored snack for despite what the bag says, it's not a shrimp chip; shrimps chips are different and research is continuing on that subject.
It is a shrimp flavored snack for I'm not sure if there is actually any shrimp in it.
And I don't care.
If it tastes like shrimp and smells like shrimp, it must be shrimp, right?
Wait! It contains tidbits of shrimp!

This stuff would have made ole Bubba Blue proud!
By tidbits, I'm thinking the shrimp shells left over from the company barbecue, ground up and added in for flavor.
Or maybe just the shrimp heads.
Actually shrimp heads are pretty tasty.
Anyways, do know why it's the perfect shrimp flavored snack?
It's baked!
I am in couch potato heaven.
I can immerse myself in the fruits of the ocean from right here on my couch.
Speaking of the ocean, if you follow Blogs of Note, you probably already checked out Abby's Blog.
Abby Sunderland is a sixteen year old girl who has started what she hopes to be a non stop circumnavigation of the world.
She's not the only one.
Jessica Watson, also sixteen, of Australia left in September, got run over by a freighter, fixed her boat, started again, and is now somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.
Reading about the efforts of those two young women makes my life seem mundane and sort of pointless.
I mean those two are out there in the middle of the ocean while the most adventure I get is dodging puddles on my bike rides.
Their blogs are captivating to say the least.
A big double chapeau to them!
Speaking of puddles, the recent rain we've been having motivated me to finally put some fenders on the Beach Bike.
Evil Hoku gave me these, and I've sat on them for some time, not knowing whether or not I wanted to put them on.
Here's a sneak preview:

With the edition of the fenders, the Beach Bike now weighs in at one hundred and ninety five pounds.
Oh wait.
That's with me on it.
If I can get it down to one hundred and eighty five pounds, I'll be a happy little shrimp.
Kinda sorta.


John Romeo Alpha said...

You got me looking up Calbee Shrimp Chips all over the place now. Amazon has them by the case. I'm pretty sure the "chips" part is from the British since that's what they call french fries, and these sort of look like fries. I think I like the Japanese version of the bag better, as on this very nice Engrish write-up (but now I also wonder what a biscuit van is):

limom said...

Those are the flavored snacks I'm talking about! Not the same bag, but the extruded thingys look the same!
The snacks are light, crispy(!), and void of the strange over powering processed taste often found in other shrimp flavored snacks.
They are lightly salted, with a hint of some sort of crustacean like flavor that I find pleasing.
A couple of bags and a Law & Order marathon and I'm set.
I believe they even come in a wasabi flavor!