Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Final: Epic Day Part III

Pictures just don't do the view justice.
Throw in the fact that it was a beautiful day, and well, you got epic written all over it.
View from the top, Windward Oahu:

Flat Tire Land is about ten miles away:

I needed a shorter lens to get the whole thing in.
Below, is Makapu'u Beach and Sea Life Park:

Then to top it off, a para glider took off to the left of us.
Looks like there were two guys up there:

Wave to the flying contraption!

Boy, I could have stayed up there for hours.
Standard pic with bike:

Guess what my new title pic is going to be.
When you get to the upper platform, you look directly down on the lighthouse:

I think the information said the lighthouse is about 400 feet above sea level, so the platform is a couple of hundred feet above.
Next time I make it up here, I'm bring along some food and hanging out for a bit.
Here's a short video:

Here's the pillboxes and a pan down to Makapu'u beach:

I have to admit, I get a bit of vertigo so I wasn't getting too close to the edge.
Still, if you look far enough, I think I saw the edge of the world, somewhere over there:

That's about it.
I have some other images, but I'll put them up tomorrow.
Makapu'u lighthouse trail, worth another go.
For sure.


John Romeo Alpha said...

Very enjoyable series with the blue skies and picture-perfect water. I went to look for history of Makapu'u bunkers, and ended up finding fan sites for Lost and MMA training videos. I bet it gets windy up there.

limom said...

I think most if not all of the observation posts were built during WWI(Don't forget the ones above Lanikai). Some were there before, but most after Dec. 1941. For sure the weapons were installed after.
Oahu, and probably the other islands too, were basically encircled with barbed wire after the attack. The beaches patrolled by armed sentries.
Hawai was under martial law for most of WWII.
Hard to imagine now, yet I cannot help but think of Spielberg's movie "1941."
A Japanese mini sub did run aground on Bellows beach!