Monday, October 7, 2013

I Am Awesome

I am awesome, I am awesome, yes I am, yes I am!
Sing along with me!
It sounds just like Frere Jaques.
I am awesome, I am awesome..wait.
Your part should be: You are awesome, you are awesome, yes you are, yes you are!
Catchy ain't it?
So today, while I doing laziness drills, I had look at that new lens I got.
You know, the long one I showed you, the reader, the other day.
Well anyways, there's a sort of story that goes with it.
I was a perusing the eVilness and happened to come across it with only like an hour left to go on the bidding.
The description was cryptic at best but it was obviously not in the best condition.
The lens I mean.
Well, I bid on it anyways, seeing as how it was so cheap.
Lemme reach for the banana head hat.
It comes in and the front element is scratched and the aperture is stuck open!
Well I email the seller and he's all apologetic and refunds my money and tells me to go ahead and just keep the lens.
Nice gesture, but the lens is usable since for an f4 lens it's stuck open at about f5.6 or so.
So me, being an honest and fair kind of guy, email him half his money back.
Karma don't you know.
So anyways, I decide to check the lens out and see how bad it is, where the aperture is stuck at and I notice that it's a bit loose on the mount!
Worse just got well, worser.
I'm looking at it, wondering how I can flatten one side of it so it can be an effective paper weight, you know, so it doesn't like roll around, when I notice the mount is not screwed in well.
Okay so I grab my tiny philips head and go to work:

First I tightened everything up and all was good.
Then I figured that if I tightened everything up, I might as well take it off, just to take a peek inside.
Okay, visions of what happened yesterday came to mind, but me being me said to damn the torpedoes.
So off it went!

Staring into the abyss.
You can see how the aperture was stuck open.
I had read all kinds of stuff about how one shouldn't open up a zoom lens cause all kinds of gears and springs and stuff will fall out, but this lens is from the olden days so it looked pretty simple.
I jiggled this and jiggled that, unscrewed this and decided it was a bad idea so I screwed it back on, then I lifted this and moved that and voila!

Houston, f4 has landed!
Not to imply that I know anything about rockets.
I also got me some f32:

Not that I'll ever use f32 but you know, just in case.
I am awesome, I am awesome, yes I am, yes I am!
C'mon sing with me!
I am awesome, I am awesome!
Now I can put the banana head hat away.
At least for now.


Steve A said...

You ARE awesome!

John Romeo Alpha said...

You are awesome
You are awesome
Yes you are!
Yes you are!
Take the lens apart,
Put it back together
Now it works. Now it works.

Trevor Woodford said...

An Awesome tale.....
I've always thought that you were awesome, now I know it's true....
You really are awesome..!!

Soooooo Awwweeessoommee!!

limom said...

I am sooooo AWE...
My head cannot fit through the door.