Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

I was so busy perfecting my laziness drills I almost forgot about the Early Edition!
I have to admit I had a bit of a scare this morning as I almost broke a sweat helping someone move a piece of furniture up the stairs.
My conditioning came in handy though as I immediately went back to doing nothing.
Practice makes perfect.
Don't you know.
Anyways, yesterday I had a sort of meeting with the bicycle kids:

Thankfully most of them at least have drop bars and are clipped in or have cages.
I just wanted to see what they are riding and let them know what they need if they want to ride as a group.
Safety first I told them and as you can see, first order of business is for them to all get helmets.
Then they gotta have at least one brake and some reflectors.
Again as you can see, we are not riding in a group as they got none of the above.
They will be working on compliance though, so I'm told.
Next order of business yesterday was a photo swap meet:

I had to remind myself that I have quit purchasing cameras but it didn't work.
I'd show you but it's basically a paper weight and I'm too lazy to take a picture of it.
All those drills are paying off!
There was some interesting stuff there:

I'd kinda like to get me one of them folding cameras, but I quit buying cameras and I don't know enough about them to make any kind of informed choice.
Besides I can't imagine me lugging one of them around at night along with a tripod.
Then again, maybe I could.
Imagine it I mean.
Since I was right across the street from the beach I headed on over to take a look.
Natural bicycle stand:

I was tempted to try it with the Flat Tire Earth vehicle but it was loaded down with not one, not two, but with three cameras!
It's getting to be a habit.
All them cameras I mean.
Well it was getting a little long in the afternoon so I headed on home to take my inevitable nap and I cut through school where there was a volleyball game going on.
Not us, but the some final championship match but our snack bar was open so I had well, a snack:

That was a cheeseburger and the invigorating blue elixir.
They got the red version too.
Of the elixir I mean.
Anyways, that was pretty much my day as my nap turned into a sleep and I never made it out again to where I wanted to go.
So I'll try this afternoon.
That means I better take a nap now.
If you know what I mean.

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