Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Final

Cloud watching was I.
All day:

Nothing happened.
Sky wise that is.
This morning I was up at the crack of dawn so I went over to work, see above, and got to well, work scanning my negatives.
The Epson flatbed scanner we have is nice, it has a thingy you load up the negatives in so you can scan 12 frames at a time:

Load it up and then you wait:

Actually it takes about 2 minutes per frame at the resolution I'm scanning at.
Which is probably more than I need.
The dots per inch I mean.
So anyways, while I was waiting I decided to take some pictures of my bicycle.
We have lights all set up cause the project the kids are working on is portraits:

The folding back drop thingy was too small, but I was too lazy to open up the large grey back drop behind it.
I really needed a third light, which we have, but yes, I was too lazy to set it up:

That shadow is not from the down tube, but from the handle bar drops.
I would've actually pumped up the tires and gone for a ride if not for the menacing looking clouds (see above).
Besides I had to go home and do the laundry.
Then I ate lunch.
Then I fell asleep.
Typical day.
Anyways, here are some of the scans:

I'm undecided about working the scans in post processing so those there are nekkid.
I sort of feel like I shouldn't although you can so some of the same things in the darkroom when you print.
The fact is I don't feel quite right scanning the negatives; sort of like photographic blasphemy.
You know, digital and analog just don't mix.
Like water and vinegar.
Or something.
Anyways, I'm sort of starting to see the difference betweens films, this stuff is really grainy and you have choose when you want a really grainy composition.
I got some different film coming in, but I think I need to try to shoot some Tri-X again and develop it side by side so I can compare.
If by the way, you, the reader, are interested in seeing more of my uh, stuff, don't forget to check out my 500px page and The Flat Tire is also on Flickr.
Okay, I gotta go and make sure I got something to teach tomorrow lest the kids get all bored.
I suppose I could make them like pump up the tires on my bicycle.
They are kinda like serfs don't you know.
Okay, I didn't really say that.

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