Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

Like the really really Early Edition.
It's early cause I just got back a bit ago from walking around taking pictures out there where it's really happening.
You know, the streets.
I was going to say that the streets at night have a different vibe, a different feel but not really.
It's just darker.
Anyways here are some shots:

I went out walking tonight for today I had a buffet brunch and I came home and fell asleep so I really really needed to walk some of that brunch goodness off.
I think I'm getting better at shooting at night, I still do some post processing but not as much as before.
Shooting film helps you to create in the camera, not so much on the computer.
Walking around really allows me to see things, things I might just pass by on the bicycle.
On the other hand I sort of miss riding around at night too.
I started taking pictures of folks on bicycles at night and I get a bit jealous.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I got two rolls of negatives drying in the bath uh, darkroom and I can't wait to see how they came out.
I'll try to scan them in the morning and try to get in a ride tomorrow.
Gotta get in shape in case the bicycle club gets approved.
Can't let them fixie kids show me up and drop me.
That would be embarrassing to no end!
Then again, I probably take better pictures than they do.


Steve A said...

Love the fish photo!

limom said...

There's an angle on that restaurant I wanted to get but some folks were standing out front gabbing.
There's a noir et blanc shot I got, but it's at a different angle.
Anyways, there's like traditional Japanese music that comes out of that place.
It reminds of Blade Runner.