Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Early Edition

What to do today?
I'm not in any rush to actually get anything done for I'm off for the next week.
I do need to get into school to finish my grades but I'll do that tomorrow.
Just so that it seems like work.
Today though is Sunday, a day which I use to strengthen my laziness skills but since I'm like on vacation it seems like I should do something.
I could do my laundry:

The darks and the whites:

Oh oh, if you squint yer eyeballs, you can see my bebadees.
I could fix my leaky tire:

I'm sort of getting tired of pumping it up.
Even though I haven't used the Celeste Devil in a while.
I could go out and take some pictures:

You know I rolled that red scale last night and I got this new lens:

Well okay, it's not new and it has some scratches and it only ended up costing me $25 but I'd like to see if I like the focal length so you know, I can get another one.
Speaking of the red scale, I could fix all the light leaks in my bathroom:

Since I may want to do some film related stuff during the daytime now that some of my equipment is coming in:

Just waiting for the chemicals.
Or I could just sit around all day and watch Law & Order:

While eating me some Chickens in a Biskit:

Did I mention it was Sunday?
What to do?

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