Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Love the Smell of Chemicals in the Morning

Smells like...smells like...
More on this later.
Well I was trying to get a ride in some time during this break, but it's just not happening.
Today, I had a meeting with some other teachers about putting on that digital media thing and then I had to go and get some more of my uh, stuff from the old place to bring to the new place.
Now I gotta go back and get more stuff from the old place and bring it to the new place.
Space is filling up fast!
Especially with all the camera stuff piling up:

Yes, I went out and got me yet another camera!
I ain't bothering to count any more.
The thought here is that I'd rather spend my cash on a vintage camera than some piece of plastic uh, stuff.
You know, like that Holga thingy I got.
I'm giving that to the kids.
There's just something about using these olden days cameras, sort of like riding an old bicycle.
History and tradition.
Or something like that.
Back then these things were built to last and they have!
I dropped my film camera on my foot and well, it wasn't a pleasant thing.
Might as well have been a brick.
I've also been picking up some expired film just to see what kinds of effects I can get.
Noir et blanc though, is where it's at.
So far all the noir et blanc I've shot I've liked.
I mean I like shooting it, and I like the results I get though I'm still sort of getting used to it again.
The thing is, it cost some to develop so I went ahead and gone Fully Monty:

I've mostly been reading up on the processes and stuff because some of the chemicals react differently.
Not the developing stuff I remember way back in another life.
Or maybe I'm just reading too deep into it.
Anyways, soon as I can get me some cheap noir et blanc film, I'll be making up some celluloid cocktails and seeing what I can get.
Of course I could just pay the picture place seven bucks to develop the film but it's just not the same.
If you know what I mean.


Steve A said...

You gonna buy the Jony Ive Leica?

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