Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Final

Still the King of Lazy I am!
Today I managed to take not one, but two naps!
How awesome is that?
On the other hand, I did do my laundry and make a thingy to cover the bathroom window.
To make up for that fit of industry, I did NOT fix my flat tire:

I did however put on my banana head hat.
My Nikon FG had some fungus growing in the viewfinder:

So I decided to play Mr. Fixit and give it a cleaning.
All was actually going well as I cleaned the prism and got everything back together.
Still, there was one spot of dust and yes, I opened everything back up to clean it out.
Then the focusing screen didn't want to go back in and with my fiddling around I gave it a nice scratch.
I'm still shaking my head.
I was so upset I had go and eat some jello:

It was around then that I feel asleep for the first time.
Then I woke up and practiced my laziness skilz a bit.
I must have been doing good for I fell asleep again.
Then I woke up again and decided to go out and shoot some pictures:

Shooting film at night takes some skill, something I haven't yet developed.
Get it? developed? shooting film? developed?
I thought I left my banana hat at home, but I was walking around taking pictures of stuff when I realized the film wasn't advancing!
I hadn't loaded it correctly and I shot a whole roll without shooting a whole roll!
Well I was pretty sad and ready to pack it up but I stopped by the corner place and got me some Magic Elixir:

The slushy thingy picked my right up so I went ahead and gave it another go.
I walked back around the re-shot the roll which was a good thing since I was able to reconsider some of my shots.
I'll process the rolls tomorrow and see what I got.
I tend to shoot about a stop under exposed for night, but I have no idea if it was enough.
Maybe I should have shot half the roll at one stop under and the half two stops under.
Oh well.
Here I am approaching the Flat Tire Command Center:

Now let me hit up the eVilness to see if I can find a replacement focusing screen.
Or a banana head hat.
Or something.

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