Saturday, October 12, 2013


I mean grain.
Grain dangnammit grain!
I love it.
No really.
The grainier the better.
More on this later.
So yesterday, I went out and shot some noir et blanc film.
You know, just to test things out.
I was gonna wait until today to put it in the tank, but I just couldn't wait!
The aftermath:

The most difficult part was getting the temperatures down.
I tried to develop at around 68 degrees and 12 minutes, but I think I over exposed as the developer heated up.
I used this other stuff to stop and fix called TF-4 which worked great.
My heart sort of skipped a beat when I took out the reel as it looked really dark, but then I remembered it was well, all reeled up.
The drying room:

Here ya go, water drops and all:

The scans:

I dunno why but I took my cheapo $35 dollar lens instead of the nice one so I was shooting at like 1/30 of a second hand held.
Some other pics from earlier:

The bottom one is upside down.
Anyways, I'm happy with the results I got and I'm all hot to do more!
I forgot about all the variables that go into developing film and I'm going to fool around a bit until I find the right film and process.
The scans are at 4800 dpi and the files are about 9-12 megabytes in size; I printed out a couple of 8x10s and they came out fine.
The noise?
Oh! the noise!
I keep calling it noise but I like the grain.
I had sort of visualized how I wanted these things to come out and I'm pretty close.
I used some cheapo house brand film which I'm really liking cause it's well, cheap and grainy.
One can still get Kodak TMax or TriX which should be better but I'm digging that grainy crappy look.
In fact one camera is loaded up with TriX right now so I'll be able to see the difference, if any.
Okay I'm on a noir et blanc mission today!
Off I go!


GreenBici said...

Your new posts are more about photography than just bicycling. I like that, Limom!
Happy adventures!
Paz :)

limom said...

I will return to your regularly scheduled programming soon.
I think.