Friday, October 4, 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Bugly

What a week.
Biting off more than I can chew am I.
First of all, I and another teacher are trying to organize a digital media festival here at school.
Like a film festival without film, sort of.
Second, I started up a photography club.
There's this whole thing about charters and rules and well, I'm not very good at following that kind of thing.
Thirdly and yesterdaily, one of my students from last year brought a friend to visit, a friend who asked me to help organize a bicycle club to which I said okay, seeing as how I still actually ride my bicycle.
Once in a while.
Sort of.
Now I'm wondering what I got myself into!
There's a bunch of things I need to take care of before any of this stuff gets off the ground.
Luckily we go no break next week so I got some time to think about it.
The photo club was a no brainer.
Promote my class and more students means a job.
The digital media thing was on my mind last year, so it was time to try and see if it could be done.
Now the bicycle thing.
All I need is to go out on a ride only to be dropped by a bunch of kids on tarck bicycles.
Well okay, I got like thirty years on them but I got my pride.
Don't you know.
Actually, if it makes my go out and ride more that's a good thing.
Like more cameras!
You know, if it makes me go out and take more pictures, that's an awesome thing!
More cameras, more awesomer!
No, I don't have any more cameras arriving.
Not yet anyways.
I was looking at what I got so far:

The good, the bad, and the beautifully ugly.
Bugly, for short.
Sort of like fugly, but in a good way.
If you know what I mean.
In fact, I've been thinking of loading up and shooting that Zeiss Ikon thingy even though the meter don't work and I'm not so sure of the shutter.
Who knows?
Maybe it's still capable of making some art.
I was going to say that it's old like me, but now that I think about it, it's way older than I am!
Or should I say: refined.
I'm sort of bugly and refined too.
I think.


RANTWICK said...

You might be surprised. You may not be dropped at all, not out of compassion but because most riders aren't in it for the longer haul...

John Romeo Alpha said...

In our dialect, "bugly" refers to the type of eyes of certain stuffed animals or craft supplies, the kind which have a mobile central iris which rolls around. Since "iris" is involved, there is perhaps a camera tie-in there somewhere. You could buy the stick-on bugly eyes and cover your camera with them, for example.

limom said...

RANTWICK, I am so out of shape that if I tried to put the pedal to the metal I probably would have to take another ride in the ambulance.

JRA, hold that thought.