Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Final

What happened to the Early Edition?
The Early Edition! the Early Edition!
I must have missed it.
Sleeping don't you know.
When I did wake up, I packed up the cameras and went for a walk.
A walk longer than I planned but I had to make up for lost (asleep) time.
Besides I felt guilty for doing nothing all day.
So off I went!
Down the street:

That's the wrong way.
That's me coming back.

Here I am in the going direction.
That's the road into Waikiki and lemme tell I was tempted to go all the way into the concrete jungle.
Except I didn't have any extra film so I took a right and looped my way back to the Flat Tire Command Center.
Not before stopping for a cold snack:

Actually I didn't walk that far, mebbe two or three miles, and I was talking pictures all the way.
Noir et blanc don't you know.
Tonight I was shooting the good stuff, Kodak Tri-X 400 @ $4 a roll.
I wanted to see just how much better it was compared to the cheapo stuff.
I also developed in Kodak Tmax, which is a little better since it develops faster, like six minutes.
Hanging up to dry:

I'm thinking that I need to make another arrangement, but once I seal up that window I figure the bathroom is pretty much dust free.
Sort of purplish this film:

I'll scan tomorrow and compare it to the other film.
The Tri-X is supposed to have finer grain so the images should be a bit sharper.
I gotta say, I'm digging this developing thing.
Makes me feel like I got a bit more control over my images, sort of like how I had control over everything in ceramics.
I mean it's just not drop off and pick up the pictures.
Now I can use different developers and times and make subtle changes to the scans and prints.
Speaking of scans, Quest for Scanner (QFS!)! is on!
Stay tuned.

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