Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Trails

So recently, I've been exploring the other parts or these well, parts.
Usually I make a beeline towards Waikiki, but I've been taking different turns and staying mauka,
that's local for toward the mountains.
What I realized is that I'm within walking distance of three overpass bridges.
Okay, I knew they were there, I just sort of forgot.
Well bridges over the freeway are great for doing some light trails.
So off I went!

Those were all taken off the same bridge.
As you can see it was still light when I started so I had to use a neutral density filter to get the exposure time I needed.
I took a break and watched some folks play softball:

The three overpasses I went to are all within sight of each other, less than a quarter of a mile apart.
As the freeway flies.
Me, I had to go here and there to get to the next one:

This is the one I was going for.
I had shot this place before but those street lights were giving me problems with the exposure.
So tonight I took a graduated ND filter and that did the trick!
Well, not really as it was getting late and traffic was dying down so I had to wait to get the right amount of cars to pass in both directions.
I also shot the other side:

Something a little different.
Finally the last bridge:

I also shot it from the other side, but by that time, cars were few and far between:

Lack of traffic creates gaps in the light trails, gaps that I'm not too happy with so I'll have to go back and shoot it again.
Earlier this time.
It's also not really the last bridge as there is a pedestrian overpass, if you squint yer eyeballs you can see it in the distance.
I was going to try and do it that one too, but I figured without the cars I'd be wasting my time.
Besides, I was getting tired from lugging all the cra- uh, stuff around.
Okay, so there ya go!
The Night of the Three Bridges That Was Supposed to be Four.
I'll do no. 4 next time.

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