Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Red

I'm really liking this red filter thingy.
It's supposed to increase contrast and darken the sky and make things all nice and so far so good.
I'm still getting some under exposed shots:

Though in some cases, like the top shot, it works out okay.
The red filter is good for three stops, and like the banana head I am, I shot those compensating for only two.
So as not to waste my vacation by doing laziness drills, I headed on down to the park to check and see what the folks are up to:

The park is surprisingly empty during the week.
Hardly anyone around so I took advantage and tried to get in some interesting shots.
Everyone seemed to be sleeping:

Or idolizing the lifeguards:

I'm working on getting more people shots, but it's sort of difficult when there's hardly any moving people around:

I'm finding that's it's easier to stake out a location and wait for something to happen rather than being on the move looking for action.
Anyways, it was a lazy day at the beach:

I was out of film and the sun was getting low so I headed on home:

Yesterday, I went out to Sand Island, the place I visited often last summer, and did some exploring and picture taking.
I was short on time and need to go back, but I got some interesting stuff.
More on this later.

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