Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Something

I don't know what it is.
It sort of ended up someplace else, even though there really wasn't any direction.
It just sort of became:

Expanding on the same theme I started oh, seven years ago when I was doing my student teaching, this composite animal just happened.
I always try to demo my projects one, to show what I want, two, to show I got skilz.
One of my peeves in school was professors who just handed out projects, never showing what they got and critiquing work without showing their own.
So I always try to show:

The head is sitting a bit high on the body.
The difficult part is that you tend to lose focus because you still have to teach so inspiration comes and goes.
It's not like a process, were you conceive and execute an idea or theme, it's more like searching through a parts bin and just putting stuff together while at the same time watching someone else do the same thing.
If you know what I mean.
Anyways, I wanted to do some swim fin feet, but I forgot and moved on to shoes.
The tail/fin was an add on too as the body was drying out and I just needed to put something on there:

The spikes were also a last minute addition.
I should have done a giraffe neck too, like a periscope, I think that would have been better.
I also should have made some socks.
Since I don't have a wheel here, I'm thinking maybe I should do a whole series of these 'somethings,' at least to keep my hands in clay.
I like the goofiness of these things and they are fun to create:

There are a couple of more weeks of class so maybe I got time to put one more together.
With goggles of course.
Because I like how that sounds.
Stay tuned.

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