Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sand Island Revisited

Well I went back to Sand Island last week to check out the backside of the park.
It's been a year since I last explored and for the most part nothing has changed.
I was after some water shots and I used a polarizing filter for most of my digital shots:

The polarizer helps to bring out the colors of the water and sky.
Which is a good thing since my glasses are polarized and what I see isn't always what I capture with the camera.
I also wanted to get some wave action:

The tide was high so the shots that I really wanted weren't there; I need to go back at low tide.
So then I switched over to film:

That's a contrail in the top left of the first photo.
About fifteen minutes earlier a couple of National Guard F22s went a blazing overhead; the reef runway is just off to the left.
Jet jockeys:

I'm still having difficulties using that viewfinder on the the Rolleiflex and I'm blowing some shots:

I should've gotten a little more water in there.
When the light is overhead sometimes it washes out the screen making it hard to see.
Wow, that was a pretty good excuse and I just made that up!
Some other shots:

I think I'm gonna go back gain and take my 6x9 camera and a tripod and reshoot them blown shots.
Next time I need to spend more time there and not be on a schedule.
I think I'm rushing a lot and I need to slow down more.
Okay! there ya go.
I also went out the other night, back into Waikiki.
I've sort been avoiding the place, feeling like I've been seeing the same things.
Getting back there reminded me that every night is different!
More on that later.

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