Tuesday, June 17, 2014


So the other night I went out to the park to try and get some night shots with my Speed Graphic camera.
The Speed Graphic?
The press camera?

It's actually not as large as you think, there's a 35mm cassette on the side for scale.
I finally got my roll film backs and wanted to try some 6x9 at night since the shots I got with my Rollei looked really nice.
Notice I said try.
As in not do.
Which I did.
Not do.
Thing about that camera is that you really can't see anything at night and even when you can it's all upside-down!
It's all about best guess and trusting the numbers and settings.
Or something.
Out of 16 shots I managed to get only four usable:

Yes I know, that's only three.
That's because the fourth one ain't even worth posting.
I thought I knew what I was doing but apparently not.
I was trying to be clever and shoot a bit under exposed, like usual, but either I was counting too fast or I mixed up the settings and all my pictures came out way under exposed.
Which sort of doesn't make sense since 25% came out okay.
I'll have to go and try again.
So anyways, I finally found that magazine I was looking for!
Oh yeah baby!
Where did I find it?
In the waiting room of the dialysis place!
It was like right there!

You, the reader, may remember that picture from way back when here.
That's right!
The exact same picture!
Remember, you got it first here!
For free!
Other folks had to pay to see that!
Speaking of pay, I haven't got paid yet, but I suppose these things take a while.
I hope.
I also suppose I'm not officially PRO until I do get paid.
I also suppose I'm not officially PRO until I figure out how to use that freakin camera.
Which I may do tonight.


Chandra said...

I give you Photographer with a Bianchi called Celeste Award (PWABCCA)for photos #1 and #2.

Peace :)

limom said...

I went to the Bianchi place the other day.
More on this later.