Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there!
I'm off to visit my old man in a bit but first your regularly scheduled programming.
So last week I went back into Waikiki after taking a short break.
I've been walking around there two to three times a week and I was thinking maybe I was getting bored, not seeing anything fresh.
Turns out there's always new ways to see things.
I started off in the afternoon cause I wanted to catch the light.
Afternoons is when I do my laziness drills so this was a good thing.
Me starting off a bit earlier I mean.
The sky was the subject:

I forgot to reset my meter so these shots are all extra under exposed.
Still, they came out okay.
Low key us PROs call it:

I also whipped out the Rolleiflex and gave it a workout:

The meter was actually set for the film in that camera, not the other one.
I'm still shooting a bit under exposed, but not a full stop + like the shots above these.
The park is a nice place to take pictures cause you always have people doing interesting things.
Sort of.
Anyways, the sun went down and I moved on.
Into the Concrete Jungle.
This was only my second time shooting the Rollei at night at night and lemme tell you, it's still difficult.
Difficult to take shots on the fly for you really have to take some time to line things up:

I had to crop that second picture a bit, it was off center.
This camera film combination does lights on water really well.
I might have to go back and redo all my water reflection shots!
I also had the other camera but I haven't finished that roll yet:

Anyways, it was getting late, later than I expected so I headed back to the Flat Tire Command Center (FTCC).
Not before taking a few more shots:

The Ala Wai Canal from the other, ocean side bridge.
I must have like a GAGILLION pictures of this place cause every time I pass it I get the urge to take a picture.
Here's one of the promenade on the left side:

I must have a GAGILLION pictures of that place too.
That Rolleiflex can do some nice things at night!
I might have to get another one.
If you know what I mean.
Okay so my brother and I are going to test this smoker thingy and I need to test out my Speed Graphic camera cause it's giving my some problems and we need to get the meat ready and set that smoker thingy up.
So off I go!

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