Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Final

This is actually a Monday Final as it's past midnight, but we'll call it the Sunday Final since this about stuff I did on Sunday.
So anyways, I started off late tonight.
I must have been really tired for the laziness drills just took over and I basically slept all day.
Okay, I did do something this morning but after that it was lights out.
Until the lights went out.
So I decided to do some night long exposure shooting with my old fangled cameras the Rollie, to do some night panos, and the Busch Pressman for some 6x9 action.
Last time I tried this long exposure stuff it came out all wrong.
Seems there's this thing called reciprocity when it comes to long exposures:

For exposures more than 1 second you have to add for reciprocity, actually it's more like you have to double or triple the times; the longer the exposure well the longer you add for.
Seems that the longer the exposure, the slower the film gets.
So at 30 seconds, you actually have to expose for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
Or round about those parts.
Anyways, I loaded up the cameras and off I went!

Here I am riding around the park at night.
I decided to ride because I was carrying all sorts of stuff and I didn't want to carry all that stuff walking around.
Check out my light:

Can you see it?
Squint yer eyeballs!

I got a freakin jaunty smiley face in my light!
I tried wiping it a few times, but it just stayed there, smiling at me!

I can't see it on the lens, but I sure can see it while I'm riding around.
Not sure if I should be happy or creeped out.
Very strange.
So anyways, I forgot to take pictures of me taking pictures so you, the reader, will just have to take my word for it.

My first try,  a bit under exposed.
Foreground looks okay though.

That looks good.
By this time though I realized that I made a big mistake.
I had nothing to write all this stuff down, you know, settings and times and stuff.
I mean I thought I would remember but well, no luck there.
So basically I did some reciprocity tests, and I know it works, but I have no idea how to control it.

That, for instance, is way over exposed!
What did I do?
I forget.

Now that's better.
Again though, I have no clue about how to get there.
So I'll have to go out and do more testing.
As you can see by the chart, at 30 seconds you have to multiply by five.
I think that's a bit too much, 3 or 4 times seems like the sweet spots.
I'll go back out, maybe tomorrow and see how it goes.
Stay tuned.
Oh, and I'll make sure to take some notes.


Andrew Cooper said...

I rather like that "overexposed" cityscape. Not all mistakes are to be discarded so quickly.

limom said...

Yeah it looks kinda cool, almost 'negative' like. Not sure if I can do it again as my tests were very unscientific.