Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Early Edition

So on Friday I went over to Sand Island Recreation Area, a place I visited often last summer, to get some pictures.
I only had a couple of hours and I started at the front side of the park, near the entrance to Honolulu Harbor.
My equipment:

It was a pretty nice day, but the sun was going in and out of the clouds.
I like to shoot overcast at mid day and this was sort of what I was looking for.
I wasn't really feeling it that day, but I took some shots anyways:

I used a red filter again to darken the sky and bring out the clouds.
If you squint yer eyeballs, you can see it raining in the mountains.
Like Ala Moana, Sand Island was pretty much deserted with only a few folks picnicking and fishing:

So I just started taking pictures of stuff around the park, basically just fooling around:

Then I really got bored and took this bench shot wide open:

Empty bench shots gotta be one of the most cliché images in the photographic universe!
I'm guilty of taking them; I just can't help myself.
So I figure if I'm going to take them, I might as well do some funky things with them.
Off to the other side of the park:

I'm also shooting with a polarizer on the the digital.
Unfortunately the sun decided to play hide and seek with me right about then.
Still I got off two shots I really like:

I didn't think too much about this shot when I took it but once I got it scanned I really found something interesting.
It's got an almost 3D look to it, with the contrast between the foreground and background.
I had to lie down on the sand for this:

I took a shot from one knee, but decided that it wasn't going to cut it.
So I got down and dirty to get this one at ground level.
I sort of lay there waiting for the sun to come out but I eventually gave up.
I mean I figured I started off looking PRO, but after I while I think I just started to look goofy.
If you know what I mean.
I need to go back to Sand Island and catch the back of the park, maybe today or tomorrow.
Meanwhile yesterday, I went back to the south shore as a swell was expected to come in.
More on that later.


Chandra said...

The red filter seems to have worked well for you, Limom. I am digging the B&W photos. Are you printing any to decorate your digs or to sell?

Peace :)

limom said...

I'm printing out some of them and putting them in a binder. I also put together two Flickr books so far and I really like them.
I'm not at the point to where I'm thinking of selling though that might come soon.
For now though if you'd like to print any on your own to hang, lemme know and I'll send you the file.
If I can find it.