Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Final

So yesterday I went in search of swell.
Summer is when the south shore gets waves generated by storms in the southern hemisphere.
Last summer, towards the end, we got an epic swell that generated waves that had to be in the ten foot range.
I'd post a link but I'm kinda lazy.
It's those laziness drills don't you know.
Oh okay, look here.
I think that's the day I was talking about.
So anyways, I went down to the beach and was disappointed right off.
No waves.
Of any mention anyways.
The wind was blowing hard off shore so that made it worser.
For the surfers and me as I had to keep my lunch from blowing away:

Huli huli chicken and sushi.
Beach food.
By the way, you wouldn't know it from the picture, but that's from a half frame camera:

More on that later.
So after I got done sucking all the chicken bones I had some film to blow through.
Leftover film from the other day and another short roll to test:

I still haven't gotten up from where I was sitting for lunch.
Polynesian paralysis they call it.
Those pictures are from that 27 year old film and I think I got the exposure value down now.
Seems they say film loses one stop of speed for every ten years it sits and that turned out to be about right.
Then I finally got up and turned around to finish off some 120 film in my Rolleicord:

I had about ten frames left and I didn't really want to waste them on just the boats in the harbor so I got on the Flat Tire Earth Machine and went around to the other side of the harbor.
Point Panics:

Not such a great picture, I think the wind was really blowing me around, but if you squint yer eyeballs and look to the right of the image you can see where I was about ten minutes ago.
Ago when this picture was taken I mean.
Well the surf wasn't any better over there, but the sun was getting a bit lower and it was making the water look really nice:

That was the end of that film.
So I took out the other camera and loaded up a fresh roll and I took out a telephoto and a wide angle lens and started doing my thing.
Except I set the wrong ISO setting on the camera and had to push the film when I got back.
Which actually was a good thing since I got some interesting results:

The sun was at a perfect angle!
If you squint yer eyeballs again and look at the mountain in the background you can see a bright shiny thingy; I don't know what that is, but I'll be looking for it again.
Anyways I had planned to go back today, but instead I practiced some laziness drills and some other things so I'll just have to make it another day and see if I can reproduce these kinds of images.
Hopefully I can get down there sometime this week, but I start a summer job thingy on Tuesday and I'll have to see what my busy schedule is going to be like.
Boy, I don't know if I'll have to practice my drills!
Or ride around on the Flat Tire Earth Machine:

I'll just have to make time.
If you know what I mean.

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