Saturday, August 14, 2010

Germination, Cookin Up Something New

So I was outside in the ole studio when the Postal person dropped some long awaited stuff off.
First, I got my cactus book.
This is good for now I can try to find out just exactly what kind of cacti I'm growing here:

By growing, I mean the ones I already got potted.
I'm not holding my breath though for there are like a GAGILLION types of cactus.
I also received the first set of seeds.
Not exactly what I expected:

As you can see, some of them seeds are freakin tiny!
Like microscopic even.
Well, luckily then come with instructions and I've also been reading up on how to germinate them online.
Seriously though, it sorta looks like I just bought some dust or ground pepper.
Or something.
I'll set up The Flat Tire Germination facility tomorrow for today, after I come back from my ride, I got to work on this:

That's right, another one.
This idea came to me in a dream.
Okay, not really.
I sort of thought it up while I was watching Dr. Phil.
I don't normally watch Dr. Phil, but it was on in the waiting area and they don't let you change the channel.
I'm not sure how it's going to work out yet, the pieces are not quite even. I had to use all my Jedi skills to get this one out; I kept doing it wrong.
I'll let the clay set up a bit before putting it all together. I haven't thought it all through yet so there are still some things to work out.
Anyways, it's a really nice day here, so I'm hitting the road!
Hopefully I'll get inspired between now and when I get back.

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