Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On a Roll

Of sorts.
Boy, once I get started it hard to stop.
So today, I finished up the UFT II.
If you haven't been following along at home, you can see the first UFT here.
I needed to get it done today for I started on Sunday and it was starting to dry out.
The other night I started to get some inspiration for what I wanted to do with this thing. I had a basic idea, but I was missing some pieces.
So today, I added some landing gear:

This was tricky.
As you can see, the pot actually rests on a chuck, a ceramic round thingy, so that I can attach the wheels. I'll fire it that way.
Making the landing gear is risky, for they could fall off or be unable to support the body once fired. I also could have improved them structurally, but that wouldn't be any fun.
I also wanted to make one tire, well, flat, but that would have made the thing asymmetrical and we can't be having a lob sided pot.
So I just patched the tire and inflated it:

I was going to try and make it really roll, but I'll save that for another project. For this one, the wheels are fixed.
Then, I started to get really stupid thinking like "if I fill this up with dry ice and make some holes in the nozzles, it'll look likes it's taking off."
Luckily, I woke up.
I added some portholes to the lid, complete with cracked window:

Just for fun, I added another patch to the spout:

The idea was to create something that looked "well traveled" and sort of derelict.
I put some patches on the handle too, just to add more character, but I'm not real happy with it.
The handle I mean.
Here's one last image, just to give you the overall idea of what's going on:

I assembled the whole shebang on a kiln shelf so it would be easy to load. In fact it's already sitting in the kiln, where I won't be tempted to touch it.
I don't plan on doing anything else to it, I feel like I've sort of got all the teapots out of my system.
At least for now.
Hey! what happened to that other UFT?
Well, after doing this one, I sort of ran out of steam. I put it in plastic thinking that maybe something will come to me.
In a dream perhaps.
A wild dream.
I'll try and fire this stuff up on Thursday.
Hopefully the wheels don't fall off and roll to the bottom of the kiln.


John Romeo Alpha said...

This is what Wallace and Gromit should have flown in. It's outta this world.

limom said...

W&G! Great series and excellent comparison: I get crazy ideas, my dog watches and yawns.