Sunday, August 22, 2010

This May Take a While, UFT

I got up bright and early today for I wanted to check on two things: the cactus and the kiln.
The kiln, not so much.
The sprouts from the other day are doing well, I think I may have to take them out of the plastic covering and let them get some sun.
Not too much sun for they're still in the puny stage:

These seem to be coming right along. I am a bit worried though for it looks like all the seeds germinated!
Okay, not all, for I dumped like 25 of them in there, but it sure seems like more than a few are taking this growing up thing seriously.
There's also some hot cactus action going on in two of the other grower thingys:

Now I've been reading up on some of the cactus seeds I planted. Some of them grow sort of fast, some not so fast.
The seeds in the bottom pic are carnegiea gigantea, otherwise known as Saguaro, the humongasoid kine cactus.
Well it seems that Saguaro is one of those cacti that grows not so fast. In fact it grows really, really slow.
It seems I can expect to see around an inch per year.
An inch.
Maybe in thirty years, it might get three feet tall.
Hell, in thirty years, I may be three feet tall.
I need some Miracle Grow or some Gaviota.
Or something.
Now for some hot kiln action!

Okay, not really.
The kiln was cool enough to open so it was inspection time for the Unidentified Flying Teapot.
If you've been following along at home, you know I wasn't real happy the way it was coming along.
The colors I used helped it out a bit:

Here's close up of the foo-foos. I used an accent glaze to create some light fixture looking thingys:

The yellow one didn't come out so good, but the ceramic place was out of green. Too bad for it was a green that matched the green of the handle.
Sort of.
Over all, the color scheme works for me:

The bad news is that the crack came back. Well, it was always there and the patch thingy I used didn't work so good:

I'm going to try and get started on the new and improved UFT today.
Either that or I'm going to make more planters.
Seems I'm going to need them.
I'll get going right after Law & Order.


John Romeo Alpha said...

This is what the aliens in Independence Day should have arrived in, rather than the dark, super-menacing craft they had. If they had done this (happy colors! friendly!), had weapons that charged a little faster or internally, and had a better firewall on their network (an inexplicable oversight on their network admin's part, IMHO, since excellent ones are available open source, I hope someone wrote him up), it would have turned out very different for earthlings. Hopefully they wouldn't crack, though.

limom said...

The aliens use what I call "playskool" technology. Very deceiving.
As far as the firewaill goes, maybe they let their subscription elapse or they forgot to pay.
More alien teapots on the way.