Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello There

So if you've been following along at home, you know that I got my cactus seeds in the mail last week.
If you haven't, been following along at home that is, see here.
I've been reading up a little on how to grow these prickly devils and apparently it ain't easy.
It's not like you just stick em in the ground and let em go.
These things are delicate little buggers, I guess that's why when you start them off, you plant a whole bunch of seeds and hope for the best.
Luckily, I had the little two inch planter thingys that came with all the other cactus I bought from the plant place.
I marked them appropriately and set them up in a tray:

I wrapped the whole thing in a plastic bag so that the soil doesn't dry out. The tray also contain about a half inch of water so that the soil can wick some of the moisture up. I sprinkled the seeds on top of the potting mix and covered them up with some cinders:

Then I closed the plastic bag, made some holes for air and waited.
The seeds are supposed to take like a week or so start sprouting.
Well, I put this whole thing together on Tuesday so I didn't expect for anything to happen until next week.
This morning, I opened up the plastic to add more water and I got a surprise:

You can barely see them but there's sprouts in them there planters.
Okay, in only one planter, but still I was excited.
From scratch!
Welcome to the world!
The ones that have taken off are neobuxbaumia polylopha.
If the get big, they are supposed to look like this:

Thank you to the Cactus Store for the image. It's also the place where I ordered the seeds from.
Now I don't know how fast these things grow; cactus aren't the fastest plants in the nursery. It also appears that more than one seed has started to germinate.
Now whether or not they all make it is up to nature I guess.
As long I don't forget to water them.
I guess I need to make more pots.

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