Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Boy, Going At It Again

I wish this was a good Oh Boy, like Oh Boy! I found five dollars in my pocket!
Instead it's not a very good Oh Boy!
More like Oh Boy! another crack!
I didn't get to open up the kiln until this afternoon, I was busy laying down a floor and some carpet over at the family ranch.
I stopped off at the ceramic place before coming home to pick up some new glazes knowing that I had a big project to finish up:

Unfortunately, I didn't use any of the new colors.
Double unfortunately, the UFT II cracked.
It's not a large crack. In fact it's not that bad.
Certainly not like the crack on the first UFT.
So anyways, I take the thing out of the kiln and I'm all happy that the wheels didn't fall off:

Looking good!

You can see the slight fissure in the patch panel.
It's not the end of the world, for there are a couple of things I can do.
One of which is to actually make the crack larger, like it's intentional and part of the design.
I'm thinking about that one.
There are also a few things that bother me about that pot.
The landing gear are too close together so the pot is not very stable.
I knew that when I put them on, I was just sort of hoping for the best.
Something's also missing or not quite right in the overall design.
I feel like it's sort of in the middle of something, like I started to go in one direction, and stopped short.
Sort of like I added too many foo-foos, or not enough.
I'll see how I feel after it's glazed.
After doing three of these UFT thingys, I sort of got the feel for what I want so I'm going to make two more.
One like the first one, and another one like this one.
There's a show coming up next month so I want to get at least one of them done before then.
This is sort of how it goes, you work on a composition until you get it right.
Sometimes you luck out and get it right the first time, mostly you have to work at it.
I'm kinda teapotted out so I'll give it rest until Labor Day.
I mean I already got around twelve hours just in this piece alone and I'm still not finished glazing it.
Hopefully by then I'll be ready to go at it again.


John Romeo Alpha said...

The crack on the patch looks like you put it there on purpose. I think it needs four of those wheels instead of three, though. Possibly.

Andrew Cooper said...

Patch too close to the wheel strut? Be sure to post a pic after the glaze. Show details as well!

limom said...

JRA, I was thinking four wheels too; all going in different directions.
If crack comes back, I'm breaking out the emergency tools, namely the Dremel.

AC, not sure what caused this crack as it wasn't there when I loaded it up.
Pics for sure, hopefully tomorrow.