Friday, March 2, 2012

Final Adjustments

Sort of like Famous Last Words(FLW).
Take the shifter cables for example.
I decided to cross them in front, meaning the right cable crosses the head tube in front and goes into the left cable stop on the down tube and vice versa.
So I'm looking at them cables, and notice the housings aren't quite the same length, they don't quite cross exactly in the middle of the head tube.
Well I can't very well have that can I?
Out come the cable cutters, I undo the cables and this time, I remove the cable before trimming the housing.
Still not even.
Still not even.
Now I got like three little pieces of cable housing littering the floor.
Okay, do I really want to cut more of that housing off?
I mean if I do, I just know it will be too short, and I'll be forced to go and cut some off of the opposite housing.
Better let sleeping cable housings be.
It's sort of even.
I guess.
Now for the front derailleur.
A little high side, a little low side.
A clickity clank rattle rattle boom boom.
Something is just not right!
A little more high side, a little less low side.
A clickity clank rattle rattle boom boom.
This goes on for about a half hour.
Where did I put those instruction manuals?
Okay! I got every one except for the front derailleur!
Seriously, I spend way too much time there.
Okay, where's the download for them derailleur thingys?
Do not cross chain it says, in some kind of international symbol of bicycling no-nos.
Well it seems Campagnolo actually suggests adjusting the derailleur so that it hits the chain!
Just don't cross chain and it will be copacetic in Italy.
Okay, the rumors that you can adjust the front so that it doesn't hit the derailleur are false, especially if you got like the shortest chain stays ever put on a bicycle frame.
After reading the instructions, the front derailleur is good to go after five minutes.
Maybe I should have read the instructions first.
Excuses: it's been a while since I adjusted my Campagnolo stuff.
In fact, the last time I touched anything was back in September when I had trouble with: the front derailleur.
Excuses: it was on the Centaur, not the Veloce.
I mean they are like different! okay?
So, the things I learned today.
If you think you need to cut that cable housing one more time, don't.
If you have trouble adjusting your derailleur, read the instructions.
Campagnolo stuff is not like Shimano stuff.
Italians are pesky, but that's part of the charm.
Sort of.
Now, I still haven't figured out how to get that expander plug, bung for you Englishmen, out of the steerer tube.
Which is a problem for I need to cut off about an inch off the top.
My tungsten carbide hacksaw blade arrived and I'm just dying to use it!

I must remember.
If I feel the need to cut it again, I probably shouldn't.
Cut it again I mean.
This may be a bit tricky though, for that hacksaw blade didn't come with any instructions.
It looks easy enough.
Famous last words?


RANTWICK said...

You may well be the most cycle obsesed internet dude I know. That's a good thing. Carry on.

limom said...

If I can't be fast, I can at least look fast.
If you know what I mean.

John Romeo Alpha said...

I'm hoping for the bung removal breakthrough prior to cutting! Suspense!

limom said...

That might get ugly.
The bung removal I mean.

Scott said...

If the bolt on the expander moves upward when you loosen it try this: loosen bolt and then tap down on the bolt with a rubber mallet.

limom said...

That worked!
Sort of.