Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Only Water From the Sky

The rain that is.
I mean what's the big deal?
Well okay, it's like a lot of water, but still, it's just water.
The ole water cycle doing it's thing.
Don't you know.
Well okay, it's doing it's thing in a large way.
As in major flooding.
Remember that rain I was waiting for on Sunday?
Well it arrived, with all the pomp and circumstance that a large rain brings.
I swear I heard a band playing and a twenty one gun salute.
Or maybe that was the thunder and lightning.
Seriously, just as soon as I get the Yet To Be Named(YTBN) all up and ready, the heavens open up like a dam burst upstream!
At least the streets will be clean once I make it to the streets.
Anyways, the poor Cactus Army is getting drenched:

I think during the next lull I'm going to move them under cover.
It's pretty much been non stop since last night and I think the pots be full of water now.
Boy, them cactus are going to be fat!
I mean it's really coming down!

At least it's falling up and down, not that sideways water which usually means trouble.
I mean if the rain is coming at you from sideways, you got more than water to worry about!
Well I sort of do.
Have more to worry about that is.
So shame!
I got home today, and my poor mailbox was leaking like a sieve!
Boy, I bet the mail person wasn't too happy about that.
I mean I've been meaning to fix it, or make a new mailbox for oh, like a year or so, but now I guess I must, for after the deluge, it doesn't look like it's going to last very long.
The thing is, I can't very well go out and fix it while it's still raining!
Don't you know.
So, I did the next best thing:

I got out the ole staple gun and attached a piece of aluminium sheeting to the top!
No leaks!
Hey, I didn't go to college for nothing.
That fix will probably last until the aluminium oxidizes to dust and the mailbox starts leaking again.
Poor mailbox!
I don't understand how it got so bad.
I mean it's only water from the sky.


Big Oak said...

The cactus army is looking good! They are really growing.

Your newly repaired mailbox is officially folk-art now.

rlove2bike said...

Ahhhh rain!! I am looking forward to some rain here in Northern Wisconsin.

limom said...

Big Oak, that mailbox is the source of depreciating land values around here.

rlove2bike, rain is okay.
I mean at least the plants won't die.
Northern Wisconsin, would that be like rain on the plain?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Roy J. Joroleman is calling you from 1915, and wants you to go to your local home store to pick up one of his new-fangled mailbox models.

limom said...

I only used that cause I couldn't find a hollowed out log.

Steve A said...

If you happen to be in Texas, stop by and advise me about my mailbox.

Trevor said...

Mailboxes are not something that you see very often over here....our poor postman have to walk up a long drive and put the post through a letterbox in the door.
Anyway, those mailbox things look like a bird house..!!!

limom said...

Steve A, pics or you don't have a mailbox.

Trevor, I sense you are making fun of my rustic mailbox.