Friday, March 9, 2012

Man Overboard!

Okay, this isn't fun anymore.
More rain, cloudiness, then more rain.
The weather folks said it was going to clear up a bit, then they changed their minds and said watch out for more thunder showers.
Which we had this morning.
This time it was the not so good sideways rain, and it looks like there's more to come:

So anyways, I got up early this morning to the windows and glass doors a rattling and a shaking.
Not a fit day out for man or beast.
Or cactus.
I started worrying about the Cactus Army seeing as how the wind was approaching hurricane like proportions.
So I open the sliding door to the lanai, and promptly get wet.
I mean wet, like I was standing outside.
I get the ole torch(that's English talk for flashlight) and check things out.
I'm thinking I better take one or two of them cactus off the railing for they were a swaying and a doing the cactus hula in the wind.
I didn't act fast enough:

Literally, as I stood there in my jacket, contemplating going outside, over the side it went!
Okay, I didn't actually see it fall, but I heard the cactus pot shatter down below. Visions of cracked pot and cracked cactus filled my head.
Guilty I was.
Did I mention is was like raining really hard?
During a lull, I went outside to do some triage:

It made it!
The pot didn't but the cactus survived the fall!
I was so happy!
Well it started raining again so I just set it up in a temporary pot:

I also took couple of the taller cactus off the railing just to be safe.
I think when I make a new pot for that one, I'll decorate it with some jump wings:

Well rain is not what I wanted to start my vacation with, but rain I gots.
Luckily, I stopped over at My Friend Hoku's(MFH's) place last night and he gave me a set of Shimano STX parts:

MFH is working on a Bridgestone MB4 or MB5 and these are his take offs.
Which I will put on Project Rockhopper.
Today, since it's not a fit day out for man or beast.
Or cactus.


rlove2bike said...

What a man won't do for his cactus. Good save!!

Thanks for the post!!

John Romeo Alpha said...

A friend with bike parts like MFH is good to have.

limom said...

rlove2bike, well I did wait for the rain to stop.

JRA, they are the bestest!
Friends with parts I mean.