Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Stuff

So what have you been up to?
Nothing much.
I mean I've been around, but sort of just lounging, not really doing anything.
Oh that.
That's just a slice of bread.
Sort of reminds me of someone:

No I ain't gonna say who, you are just going to have to guess.
I also found a strawberry that looked like someones derrier, but I ate it too.
Get it? derrier? butt?
I ate the bread too by the way, part of a tuna sandwich.
Which I will be eating more of.
Tuna sandwiches I mean.
Seems that hot dogs are like high in phosphorus, the stuff I have to stay away from.
Difficult seeing as how I dig hotdogs, especially with a dose of cheese on em:

I'm not supposed to eat too much cheese either, so technically that's like a double dose of potentially life threatening mystery meat.
I'll have to lay off them doggies for a while.
Which is good thing for I need to lose about eight pounds.
Oh boy.
So anyways besides planting my you know what on the couch, I've been thinking(dangerous!) about the Yet To Be Named(YTBN).
You know I want to call it something catchy, something appropriate, but so far nothing good has come to mind.
I was thinking of using the old Super Sonic stem cap, but somehow that doesn't seem right and I'd like something original, though the Deda cap is nice too:

There was a time when I was all hot for that Deda cap, so I may not change it out, but I'd like to put something custom there.
I'm still tossing around a couple of ideas.
Also getting some attention is the Rockhopper Project.
A new chain came in the other day and I've been working on cleaning it up some.
More on this later.
The weather is back to normal so it's about time to get some miles in.
I'm sort of getting tired of the couch.
If you know what I mean.


RANTWICK said...

Oh, I know. What you mean, I mean. About the couch.

Custom = Cash. You got some? I need nothing, but, you know, I want stuff.

Trevor said...

A custom cap has got to be worth an extra mile an hour average speed in your mind...if not on the road.


limom said...

Rantwick, the custom stem cap can be had for less than a twenty from the folks at purelycustom.

Trevor, the aerodynamic properties of the custom cap are a proprietary secret.
The Flat Tire Skunkworks don't you know.