Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Final

I braved the rain and went to the photo wall even though the lighting sucked.
I was so fast I rode between the rain drops!
Okay, not really.
It didn't rain at all, but it threatened all day.
We're still under a thunder storm warning and all.
So anyways:

One of the things I liked about his frame was the lines.
I figured all the frames in this price range were about the same as far as quality goes, so I went to the next best thing which was aesthetics.
The way the chain stays sort of dissappear and all you are left with are the sloping white tubes looked cool.
Another consideration was size.
I mean most of the frames I looked at were similar in geometry, but not all of them look the same in a size small.
In fact, some look downright goofy when they are shrunk down to my size!
So proportion came into play and lemme tell you, I spent hours, no days, no months looking at all types of frames searching for pictures of them in the smaller sizes.
I also liked the curved seat stays:

They look straight from the side, but have a nice curve from the back.
Some of the other bikes I looked at had straight stays and well, that's no fun.
I also lucked out when I cut down the seat tube, the Deda logo just made it from under the seat thingy.
The frame is supposedly made in the same factory as the Pinnys are made though that didn't factor in my decision.
From the front:

You can see my almost perfectly crossed white cables.
I may go with a white stem and white bars, I haven't decided yet.
One of the other things that caught my eyeballs was the head tube.
Not your typical head tube, it's tapered, but it also looked Art Deco/Streamline to me, sort of like one of them Streamline trains:

Of course the build would not be complete without matching black cable end crimps:

If you remember, the white was out of stock for bit and I almost got the red frame.
After thinking about it, I would have been happy with either one, the red being maybe a bit more eyeball catching.
On the short rides I've been on, I can say the fit feels great(so far!) and the ride is a bit different.
I haven't been on really bumpy roads but it does seem a bit smoother.
It could be the Selle Italia Flite Gel Flow seat, it has a bit more padding than the SLK seats I have.
You also might have noticed the white thingys on the cables:

These white tubes of magic are called Tube Tops and are made by Jagwire. I had cable rub nightmares and it was either those, or them stick on patches I got from Lizard Skins.
I like the Tube Tops better and got them on places where the cable housings touch the frame.
Okay, there you go!
Dedacciai Assoluto, Yet To Be Named(YTBN).
In case you are wondering, I'm pretty sure it's pronounced deda-chai, the other part you can figure on your own.


rlove2bike said...

Sweeeeeett!! Very Nice :-)

limom said...

I mean grazie mille!

Scott said...

Nice ride...congrats.

I'm glad to see you got the bung out. :-)

Trevor said...

A very nice looking ride......All set now for 100 miles of hills!!


limom said...

Scott, thanks!

Trevor, thanks and yes some hills are in my future.
No more excuses.

Tracy W said...

Dude, that's a great lookin' ride. Enjoy it!

limom said...