Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Early Edition

Well actually the Late Early Edition.
For I just got up.
From sleep.
See, I was real tired after yesterday and besides, I was up all night watching Wallace and Grommit videos.
Netflix don't you know.
So anyways, since I'm getting a late start today, and work continues on the Temple later this afternoon, I figured it's a work on the bicycle day.
There are still a few things on Project Rockhopper that need to get done.
I swapped out old group and installed the STX group Hoku gave me.
It's a bit battered and rusty, but an improvement on the stuff that came off:

If you squint yer eyeballs you can see that I also got a new chain.
I was getting some hop skipping and jumping on one of gears, so I figured I'd try a new chain and see if it clears up.
The old chain was all gummy and yucky so I'm hoping that was the problem.
I also brought my old Easton Flatboys out of storage:

The Flatboys were actually retired to The Flat Tire Hall of Fame(FTHOF) for they are the first accessories I ever bought.
Back when I got into riding, I bought these pedals before I even had a bicycle.
Don't ask me why, as things were a bit goofy back then.
Not that things aren't goofy now.
If you know what I mean.
Next up I'll be changing the quick release on the seat post to a more permanent type:

Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just that the only spare seat I have right now is one of them Selle Italia SLK thingys and I don't want it to go walking off on me.
Either that or I was thinking maybe on of them saddle cable thingys for when I lock up.
I'm still on the look out for a couple of cheap/inexpensive saddles.
Then I was looking at the shifters.
The old set works okay most of the time:

The rear still tends to hang up once in a while going down the cassette but it's not a real problem.
I do have the STX shifters:

As you can see, they have indicators on them which are cool but not something I really need.
I also want to take out the steel handlebar and put on an alloy riser I got sitting around, but I think I'd need to change out the steel quill on there also.
The quill has a puka in it for the brake cable, so I'd have to find one of them headset brake bracket thingys or drill the new quill.
I'd like to get the bars above the seat height, you know, for a more upright position.
I have two adjustable quills but again, I'd have to accommodate the brake cable to use either one.
New and improved Rockhopper pics to come.
Stay Tuned.

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