Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Final

Well I've been busy.
Busy sleeping that is.
No really, I lay down for what was supposed to be a minute and that turned into six hours.
Of well deserved rest.
On the last day of vacation.
So this morning, I was off working on the Holy Oracle of the Copper Red(HOOTCR), we're continuing to build up the temple around the kiln:

We straightened out the framing, leveling the beams off best we could then put up the thingys that are going to hold up the roof. We have to leave a space in the middle for there's a vent, a chimney if you will, that goes rightsmackdab in the center, to vent the exhaust gas, well more like a raging flame, that comes off the top off the kiln.
We haven't quite figured out how to insulate it so that it doesn't burn itself down, but we're working on it.
I gotta say, it was drizzling all morning, cold and wet work, maybe that's why when I got home I promptly collapsed on the couch.
Well okay, there was a reason.
I was up all night watching, on Netflix of all things, The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo.
Not the US version, but the Swedish version which is like the trilogy in six parts:

Lemme just say right here, this version is not the one you want to watch with your kids.
I haven't read the books, so I don't know if or how the films follow the book, but the extended version is awesome!
Flat Tire Approved.
I may have to watch the whole damn thing again.
So anyways, despite being up all night reading subtitles, I did manage to get some other work done.
Not on my bicycles, which don't really need work, but something bicycle related, which does need work.
I've been sort of compiling some video and stills for a video about Kvibe.
School has a film festival coming up next month and I'm considering putting it in, if it comes off okay. I haven't quite put it all together yet, in fact I'm still working on a main theme and stuff hoping what I capture will help me figure it all out.
My goal is to educate, while at the same time encourage folks to check the place out.
I'm really having a hard time putting it all together and may end up with two separate pieces.
Anyways, here's a short short short of the Kvibe folks rolling out on Saturday morning. You can see the cargo bike leading the way.

One thing I learned is that the video file from my camera is not like the video file from my video camera. That little clip was like 10 megabytes in size and took like forever to load up. I knew files were different, I just didn't realize how big the video files were. I need to read up some on converting and compressing them super duper files so that they are more manageable.
Anyways, here's the cargo bike.

The cargo bike is really cool, made by some folks in Portland I believe and I'll get some better images later.
When it's not all cargoed up I mean.
The sad part is that the freakin cargo bike made it up the valley, and I couldn't even ride a regular bike up there without almost passing out.
So sad.
On the other hand, it's something I need to work on.
Not the passing out part.
Okay, so here's today's edition, sort of the Morning and the Final Editions combined into one large well, Final Edition.
As you can see I was Super Busy(SB) today, while I wasn't sleeping.
I've been feeling rather lethargic lately, but I'm working on hopefully doing something about this permeating laziness.
More on that, later.


rlove2bike said...

One of my most enjoyable things...a good nap. :-)

Thanks for the great post!!

Trevor said...

I love sleeping....I'm pleased to see that I am in good company.


Steve A said...

I took my own long nap on Saturday...

limom said...

I need a nap.