Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's A Small World

After all.
Sort of.
I mean most of the time it's big, but there is a small part too.
During the last two days over in biology class, we've been looking at cells and stuff like that. You know, like cells, them small things that all living things are made up of.
So anyways, the kids, some of them for the first time, got to see some real live cells under a microscope. They practiced first with some other stuff, pre-made slides, but it was nothing like the real thing.
First of all, no one really knew what they were looking for. Hilarity ensued as most of them focused on dust particles.
No seriously, you can show them pictures of what cells are supposed to look like and all, but looking at it through the eyepiece for the first time is I suppose, an adventure.
In a small world kind of way.
First we did some cheek scrapings so they could see some actual human cells at 400x:

I'm not sure exactly to whom them cells belonged to, let's just call em the donated cells. Well they were all blown away since you can see the nucleus and all but we weren't done yet.
Next up was an onion:

Boy were they surprised at the way them plant cells were all stacked up!
In the onion though it was kinda tough to actually see anything since it was all transparent like, even with some stain you could hardly see anything.
So we moved on to some elodea, you know, that aquarium plant stuff:

You can actually see stuff floating around in there! The best part was some of that chloroplast was actually moving around!

Well at least I thought it was awesome.
In a microscopic kind of way.
Next week the class is actually going off island!
Don't touch that dial.


Steve A said...

Are y'all flying off the island?

John Romeo Alpha said...

Wonder what kind of stuff you'd see in a drop of water from the lagoon...

limom said...

Steve A, maybe.

JRA, ask and you shall.....

rlove2bike said...

Cool stuff. Our daughter is going to college for Micro Biology...for now. She is getting very good grades, but I think is contemplating a change. Interesting for me to see this post as I have not seen "stuff" moving around.

Thanks for the post

limom said...

Move moving stuff to come.